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Posted Saturday January 21, 2012 - Updated
Saturday January 21, 2012
As I wax Star Wars poetic, I’m embarking on a new chapter in my life as an actor and community builder in Vancouver. As of Wednesday February 1, 2012 I’m kicking off a new incarnation of what I formerly ran as the Actor’s Drop In on Tuesday nights. I’ve had much change and growth over the past almost five years since I turned the group over to other hands. The main reason that I did so was because I began in earnest to teach acting for a school that now no longer exists in its form when I joined their faculty. I spent the better part of last year trying to recapture some of the glory of that school with a few of the teaching colleagues that I’d come to know and admire. Since the building of a school and the administration of said institution was such a daunting endeavor, I ran out of energy and resources to effectively get it off the ground. So, I’ve shelved that idea for the moment and put my focus on other things, one of those being this new group that I’m forming.
Starting the date mentioned above I’m launching the new ACTOR’S SCENE FORUM. And since it is me that is putting it together and sourcing it, it will run pretty much like the drop in ran when I left it. By the time I handed it off, we were running with about 30 – 40 actors attending on any given week. And the majority of the material we were using was original, and supplied by many of the regulars that came to play. My idea for the Scene Forum is that we will ONLY EVER USE original material, and to cap the number of actors reading. My reasons for doing this are two-fold: a) I want to distinguish us differently from the currently active Tuesday Drop In; b) I want to promote an atmosphere of professionalism and quality while keeping the environment fun and exploratory.
Other ways that I’m separating the Scene Forum from the Drop In are: 1) I’m charging $10 to the actors that are designated to read, or $7 if they also bring a new original scene; 2) the venue will be Trevan Wong’s Studio in East Vancouver near the PNE; 3) others are welcome to come and watch, for a flat $5 fee; 4) as mentioned above, I will cap the number of actors reading, depending on attendance numbers, to 20. I’ve already put out messages to many on the old lists that I have access to. And for the first go round I’m taking the first 20 respondents to be the inaugural players to read material. After that, others may register to come and watch.
As with the former group, a portion of the monies collected will go back to sourcing community projects through donations. Speaking of which, I note there are lots being produced by people that I know, many through the old Drop In. I want to once again do a community service to these innovators and in some small way support their artistic endeavors. As with the former Drop In regarding the Mastery, all Scene Forum regulars will be eligible for a workshop discount. So, much that was in place when I was running it will be in place when the Scene Forum is on its feet.
I look forward to re-connecting with many of you from the previous group, and meeting some new friends as well. See you on Wednesday February 1 from 7 – 10 PM!
Henry J Mah



To participate at the Actor's Scene Forum you must register ahead of time. For details and more information, e-mail me at classes@henryjmah.com.