In the tradition of the Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, we at the drop in have created our own annual tradition called the Jarvies.  The categories are based on what goes on at the sessions, and have changed or evolved from year to year.
This time around I have chosen four categories for the Jarvie Awards, and they will be given out on the last session of this month.  That will give you a couple of weeks to put your votes in.  The categories and the nominees for each are:
Best Scene Writer
- Chris Griffin
- Drew Taylor

There are only two nominees in this category, since they are the two that have consistently over the past year brought in new original scenes almost every week.
Both writers have been very prolific and major contributors to the scene vat at the drop in space.  Chris Griffin's writing has a tendency to be off the wall in both character and subject matter, while Drew usually brings in scenes with a very down to earth and societal relationship flavour.  Both received many votes from various drop in regulars.

And the Jarvie goes to ...

Chris Griffin!

The group loved his work in terms of the material and the wackiness of the characters and the snappy dialogue.  Chris received a blank notebook for his award, something that he can fill in the future with other scenes or scene ideas.

Most Consistent Performer
- Toby Dent
- Jarvis Strutt
- Josh Clark

These three in the eyes of the people who nominated them are the ones that have presented themselves in their scenes with the most consistency in terms of their work.

All three nominees received votes, but it was a tight race between two of the three, but in the end only one could triumph.

And the Jarvie goes to ...

Toby Dent!

One or two more drop in regulars that voted felt that Toby's work over the past year she has been attending the sessions has been the most strong and and consistent.  Not to say that the work of the other two hasn't been.  All the nominees have made progress as actors simply by showing up and playing regularly.  As an award she received a little stone statue, symbolizing her solidness in her performances.

Best Performance of a non human character
- Johnny G - the Grimace
- Andrew Devilliers - Mr. Gregory
- Kurtis Maguire - Mr. Gregory

Since Chris Griffin brought his scenes about the Grimace, Mr. Gregory, Snap, Crackle and Pop, etc. I felt it necessary to have a category to specially honour those that have put themselves on the line to enact these characters. 

All three nominees have shown themselves to be flexible in their work, being able to play a non human character and bringing a human element to it.  They all showed that even stuffed animals have feelings too.

And the Jarvie goes to ...

Johnny G!

Johnny's stunning and heartfelt portrayal of the Grimace touched us all, especially the part where he'd talked about how the clown had treated him and his fellow employees.  For his award Johnny received a small teddy bear, to remind him of the teddy bear in all of us, as well as all of us in the teddy bear.

Drop In Actor that makes us laugh the Most
- Katerina Katelieva
- Ian Duffy
- Gregory Milne

The actors nominated in this category are the ones that have consistently gotten us as audience to chuckle, guffaw, and in some cases heartily belly laugh at their antics on the drop in stage.

All three nominees have demonstrated their ability to have many of us rolling in the aisles with their performances and antics at the drop in space, and it didn't really matter whose material they were playing, they were able to give us some sunshine in our laughter.

And the Jarvie goes to ...

Ian Duffy!

Ian consistently has us in stitches with his portrayal of different characters in different scenes.  It is more a way of being with him rather than trying to get the laugh.  He just naturally is able to deliver in such a way that we find it both charming and humorous.  For his award he received a small purple heart shaped pillow with the words "It's All About Me" stencilled on it.

Congratulations to all the winners.  And thanks to all that took the time to vote.  The Jarvie Awards is always a special time.