The Drop In Camping Weekend
June 16 - 19, 2006

On the weekend of June 16 - 19, 2006 a few of the drop in regulars went on a camping retreat.  All the photos are courtesy of Drew Taylor, who brought his camera and snapped a few photos of us doing our thing.  To see them, just click on the highlighted links below.

We went up to the beautiful Alouette Lake area in Golden Ears.  The event was brilliantly organized by Jessica Wampler (pictured at the side).  We spent a lot of time eating and hanging out, as you can see, and some skinny dipping (but no cameras were allowed for that part).

In attendance were Jessica Wampler, Lindsay Nelson (also pictured at the side), Chris Young, Chris Griffin, Lori Watt and her son Derek, Matt Seagle, Ed Appleby, Brendan Horlacher, Johnny G and Janessa O'Hearn.  Others that joined us at various points during the weekend were Ashley Rose, Andrew Devilliers, Drew Taylor and Urszula Petrykowska.

On the Saturday
a group of eight of us went on a hike up the East Canyon Trail, which followed the beautiful Gold Creek.  It was a two hour hike in to a rock beach that I hadn't visited in over a decade.  After returning from our trek, we did more eating and hanging out.

On the Sunday we did a smaller hike to the North Beach side of the camping area and tried to go swimming in Gold Creek.  But since it is glacier fed and icy cold, the best we could manage was diving in and then getting out again right away.

All in all it was a great trip, and some great bonding and lasting memories will come out of it for me and for many others.  I hope that we are able to do this again at some point in the near future and have more actors involved next time.

The cool thing is that we are more than a group of actors that gets together to read scenes, we are a community and enjoy the company of each other outside the work and the industry.