June 8, 2006

It is now Thursday, and after letting the experience of the Showcase event settle, I have to say from a performance point of view it was a very successful event.  Although we didn't get as many industry people as I would have liked, the evening's entertainment was a smashing success.  I congratulate the list of actors below on a very well done evening where each performer literally left everything on the table.

Jennie Leaver                 Greg Milne
Ashley Rose                  Ed Appleby
Lindsay Nelson              Drew Taylor
Jessica Wampler           Andrew Devilliers
Lorraine Mochrie            Ian Duffy
Toby Dent                     Josh Clark
Janessa O'Hearn           Jarvis Strutt

I was most proud that the seven cold read scenes (that I spent two days writing) went very well.  Thanks once again to all the actors that participated, and a special thanks to the actors that volunteered to help out doing front of house and other stuff, with an extra special thanks to Linda Watters, who was invaluable to me in getting things organized.