Photo Gallery

Below are some photos taken at the drop in sessions.  Dany Papineau snapped a few beauties (see below) and at our 2005 Christmas session a couple of digital cameras were going.  If you would like to submit drop in photos to the gallery send me an e-mail indicating so to my Telus e-mail address (the one I send the weekly reminders out on).

These photos were taken in 2005 by Dany Papineau.  You can go to his website and see more of his work by clicking here.

Photo 1        Photo 2        Photo 3        Photo 4

These photos were taken by Drew Taylor at our 2005 Christmas session (with rum and egg nog) plus a few shots of us yukking it up at the Red Robin afterwards.

Xmas1      Xmas2      Xmas3      Xmas4      Xmas5      Xmas6

These photos were taken by Drew Taylor at the 2006 Oscar party at Ed Appleby's.  I have to say that the women were stunning in their Academy Award outfits.  The men deck out quite well too in their suits.

Oscar Party 1   
Oscar Party 2    Oscar Party 3    Oscar Party 4    Oscar Party 5   
Oscar Party 6   
Oscar Party 7    Oscar Party 8    Oscar Party 9
Our shutterbug Drew Taylor snapped these at our second karaoke night March 2006 at Fantacity.  We sang for a good two hours, and a good time was had by all.  We are going to be doing one of these nights once a quarter or so.

Karaoke 1    
Karaoke 2     Karaoke 3     Karaoke 4     Karaoke 5     Karaoke 6
Karaoke 7     Karaoke 8     Karaoke 9     Karaoke 10    Karaoke 11