The Last Word

“Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it in the future.”


It’s important to remember where you came from, even the humblest of beginnings.  Why? As quoted above, if you don’t take ownership of your past you may be destined to repeat it, or parts of it.  As well, as actors it becomes a handy tool for the performer to call upon when needed.  The important part though is to take ownership of and embrace it first, so that as an actor you have control of how it affects your work.  In the Mastery many times we see performers who are still run by their haunted past, and in the workshop they are given the opportunity to regain control of themselves and their lives through the process.

Remembering for many of us sometimes is very painful.  But according to the book “The Mastery of Love”, we have to re-open the old wounds in order to clean them out and heal them, so that they no longer hurt us when they are brought to the fore again.  And not all remembering is bad, even some of the good memories have a hold on us that we are not willing to let go of, and again we have to allow them to retreat back to memory and get on with our lives, rather than try to relive past glory.  All things have a cycle and there are times when we just have to move on.

Keep your history of yourself in an honoured place.  Everything you have done to this point has contributed to you being who you are right now, all the good and bad, all that is working and not working.  Our process this lifetime is to learn from, explore and discover those places where we are ready to move from and do so.  The more aware we are of the life we lead the better chance we have to move ahead toward whatever ends we set out for ourselves.  It doesn’t hurt either to have a second set of eyes on your process, but make sure they are eyes that you trust to forward you toward whatever destiny you have mapped out for yourself.

Have a great week and we’ll see you at a future Actor's Scene Forum.
Henry J Mah

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